Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Google Forms Now Allow Image Inserting

For a Google Forms fan, one missing feature has been the ability to insert images. Missing no longer, the ability to add images (without using scripts or external tools) is now fully functional.

Sample map image from Discovery Education
Simply insert / image and drag your image into your form. Images can be titled and text entered to appear when a user hovers over the image. Images are free-standing features that can be dragged and dropped to appear between any questions. Change your mind? Change the image with a click of a button.

This, along with the recent addition of date and time fields, which allows for data entry consistency in dates and times, are fantastic additions to Forms.

For the teacher who wants to use Google Forms to create quizzes or tests (which can include short answer and essays graded separately) Flubaroo is a free script that combines with Google Forms - check it out here Flubaroo.

Google Forms User Support

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