Friday, May 3, 2013

Why use goo . gl to shorten links?

We all know that it is a good idea to shorten web links in order to share them on social media, in classrooms, webpages or during presentations.

Google’s shortening tool, found at has some great side benefits. Paste your link into the box, then shorten the link by pressing the Shorten URL button.

Type or copy/paste your link into the box. 
Be sure to login to Google first!
When you click on Shorten URL, the right side of the screen will display your shortened link, a preview of the linked page, and a DETAILS line:

If you click on the DETAILS, you can automatically receive a QR code for your link, plus tremendous tracking information on who has followed your link in the past, what browsers/types of devices they are using, and even where they are from in the world!
Right click on the QR Code image in order to save the image file to your computer. As always, remember Google works best in the Chrome browser.

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