Saturday, October 27, 2012

RSS Magic

Miguel Guhlin

So many ideas! I need to lock myself in a quiet room for a couple of days and experiment!

Create a RSS Mix to combine source feeds from different sites.

Integration with Edmodo - Create a RSS Mix and then in Edmodo Subscribe Group to Feed.

Hidden ability to create Google Bundles in your Reader feed. Login to Google Reader and then type and then click on bottom link to activate.

My head is spinning! Thanks to Miguel Guhlin.

Using Google Sites as a Collaborative Classroom Tool

Max Gorham, Cole HS Social Studies Teacher

Ability to embed YouTube videos within Google Sites makes classroom sites richer.

Collaboration within Google Sites and how it is being used in HS social studies classroom at FSHISD.

High school history students create and maintain classroom site with study resources, embedded videos, widgets, etc.  Max Gorham has some 'locked' pages that he maintains, but most pages are created/maintained and updated by students!

Blogging in the Classroom - Google Summit
for resources and information from Andrea Keller

Google blogging now allows stagnant pages so it can function similar to a webpage.