Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I recently had the opportunity to participate in Edmodo Certified Teacher Training. The experience was a great lesson in how teachers can structure learning activities through Edmodo. If you haven't experienced Edmodo recently, I encourage you to explore it. Accounts are free and students do not need email accounts to participate. If your district has created a district domain, you may need to find out your school code in order to create your teacher account.

One of the ah-ha moments for me in the course was how it was structured using small groups. The leaders organized our class materials in small groups, each small group represented a week's worth of assignments. It made it very easy for participants to locate assignments without having to scroll through an entire feed. Once you click on your group, Small Groups will appear under your group summary (if any Small Groups have been created):

Another ah-ha? Having students turn in assignments (especially comments on other's posts) by capturing a direct link to the post they were responding to and turning that link into the teacher on the TURN IN assignment link. This avoids the teacher having to scroll through and manually locate endless postings and responses. Here is how it works.

Students will create their group postings, or respond to a post in their group. They will then locate the gear icon to the right of the post, click on that and select Link to this Post:

When the window pops up, copy the link: 

Return to the assignment from the teacher, click TURN IN and copy link to turn in: 

If you're interested in Edmodo training, contact me at Region 20. I'm doing a class this June, check out our summer digital learning catalog here: http://learn421.net/content.php?pid=214879.

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